Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions


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Δευτέρα 10 Ιουνίου 2024
32 hours
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Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) Azure Architect & Infrastructure Consultant | Έμπειρος Azure Cloud Architect. Μεγάλη επαγγελματική και εκπαιδευτική εμπειρία με περισσότερες από 15.000 ώρες τεχνικής εκπαίδευσης


This course teaches Azure Solution Architects how to design infrastructure solutions. Course topics cover governance, compute, application architecture, storage, data integration, authentication, networks, business continuity, and migrations. The course combines lecture with case studies to demonstrate basic architect design principles.


Audience profile

Successful students have experience and knowledge in IT operations, including networking, virtualization, identity, security, business continuity, disaster recovery, data platforms, and governance. Students also have experience designing and architecting solutions.

Before attending this course, students must have previous experience deploying or administering Azure resources and strong conceptual knowledge of:

  • Azure compute technologies such as VMs, containers and serverless solutions
  • Azure virtual networking to include load balancers
  • Azure Storage technologies (unstructured and databases)
  • General application design concepts such as messaging and high availability


Course Modules

Module 1: Design governance

Module 2: Design an Azure compute solution

Module 3: Design a data storage solution for non-relational data

Module 4: Design a data storage solution for relational data

Module 5: Design data integration

Module 6: Design an application architecture

Module 7: Design authentication and authorization solutions

Module 8: Design a solution to log and monitor Azure resources

Module 9: Design network solutions

Module 10: Design a solution for backup and disaster recovery

Module 11: Design migrations

LEARNING PATH: Build great solutions with the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework

LEARNING PATH: Accelerate cloud adoption with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

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